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Sedat Gurel – Projeleri ve yasami / Projects and life


Sedat – Guzin Gurel Foundation for Art and Science published a book on the architect Sedat Gurel who is an Aga Khan Award recipient. Five people – Murat Soygenis, Suha Ozkan, Guzin Gurel, Sema Soygenis, Atilla Yucel – contributed to the book with their essays. The book illustrates Gurel’s projects and life with numerous photographs and drawings. An excerpt from the book continues: ‘… compelled minds to make the leap from Buckminster Fuller to Kenzo Tange, from Chandigarh to settlements along the Istanbul Bosphorus, from Alvar Aalto’s Baker Dormitory at MIT to Japanese tatami modules and the window dimensions in Bosphorus mansion.’

The book is published in Turkish and English (Translations by Virginia Taylor).

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Burcu Cigdem Celik (Ed.), Sedat Gurel – Projeleri ve yasami / Projects and life, Sedat Gurel – Guzin Gurel Sanat ve Bilim Vakfi, Istanbul, 2008.